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Rent Walk-Through Metal Detectors for Your Event or Venue

Keep your guests and employees safe with walk-through metal detector rentals from MVP Protective Services. We are the go to security company for event security services in the Washington, D.C. area, and understand the importance of preventing weapons being brought into events. And to make your events even safer, MVP now offers the rental of something a light years better than metal detectors. For the past year we have been renting the Evolv Threat Detection System to our clients, including Google, Youtube, Marriott and many others. The Evolv improves the accuracy of detecting firearms, knives and explosives over 1000 percent as compared to traditional walk-through magnetometers. The Evolv immensely increases attendee throughput allowing up to 3600 people to pass through per hour as compared to 250 people per hour throughput of traditional magnetometers. The Evolv system also significantly reduces the manpower it takes to run each walk-through magnetometer, which saves clients tens of thousands of dollars per event.

Here are just a few more benefits of renting a walk-through metal detector from MVP Protective Services:

Renting a walk-through metal detector shows your guests and employees that you take their safety seriously. It also gives your event or venue a more professional appearance.

Convenience: Renting a walk-through threat detection systems is easy and convenient. We can deliver and set up the threat detection systems for you, and we'll pick it up when you're done.

The System at Work

Our security experts understand that security and safety are paramount in every event. To ensure the success of each event, we offer a range of services that include crowd management, risk assessment, and security planning.

(We help clients with event security in two ways. First, we assist in planning events and creating security plans covering access control, VIP and artist management, incident management, capacity control, crowd movements, emergency response, evacuations, and police relations. Second, we provide security staff for events, whether it's a few officers or a few hundred. Our goal is to offer the best service, as shown by our satisfied clients, including top industry names. We take pride in our excellent reputation and are excited to work with you to make your event successful.)

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