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Looking for Executive Protection Training, but don't know where to start? If so, you have come to the right place.

If you want to grow in Executive Protection business where you get training will turn out to be more important than that you have training. There are a few close protection schools out there, but none quite like ours. That's why it is important to check out the backgrounds of the company and instructors teaching the class, compare them to the alternatives and then make a decision on where to receive your training. Our reputation in the close protection speaks for itself as we work at the highest levels of corporate and government security and have been doing so for nearly thirty years.

At the MVP School of Executive Protection we focus on the fundamentals of what it takes to protect high-level corporate executives, politicians and VIPS. No fluff, no fill, just sound protection theories, procedures and practices as taught by the United States Secret Service and the Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

The knowledge and skills that you learn in close protection training translate into value when security companies and employers look to hire professional security agents. Your skills and knowledge in VIP protection will also allow you to perform at a high level to keep your clients safe.


If you are absolutely new to the executive protection business or have some experience but have never been to an Executive Protection School, it is time to get serious. If you would like to protect corporate executives, politicians, A-List celebrities, and other high profile individuals you are going to need some security credentials behind you. Clients and close protection companies demand it.  

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We provide the skills that has helped hundreds of people to become successful protection agents and bodyguards and go on to protect many of the A List celebrities, politicians, professional athletes and executives you see on tv everyday.

Why Train With Us?

The Question is Why Not?

MVP is the Undisputed Leader in Executive Protection on the East Coast and the Fastest-Growing Executive Protection School in the country and we prepare tomorrow’s agents to protect high-profile and risk clients. When you sign-up for an Executive Protection Class at MVP you don’t have to guess what level of experience you are getting. Each year we provide close protection, executive transportation, travel logistics, and residential security for some of the top Fortune 100 corporate executives, celebrities, politicians, athletes and diplomats that visit and live in the Washington, D.C and New York tri-state areas.

And here are a few more reasons you should choose MVP for your executive security training:

  • MVP has an undisputed reputation in Executive Protection – For over twenty years we have been a preferred security vendor to corporations, government agencies and the sports and entertainment industries.

  • Industry Experience – MVP has been the go to company for Executive Protection services in the Washington, D.C. for over twenty years. We provide bodyguard services and executive transportation services to roughly 30 full-time clients in the Washington, D.C. area and New York Tri-State area.”

  • Instructor Experience –  Our close protection instructors are veteran security agents and bodyguards that actively work on or manage security details. And we invest in each one of our students by giving industry secrets that provide them the best chance of success as protection agents. 

  • Networking opportunity – Our students come from all walks of life, some are retired law enforcement officers, security guards and military veterans. “Many of them work in security departments for corporations or on personal protection details and were sent by their companies to train or recertify.” You meet some interesting people in our classes, you’ll never know who may be willing to give you a job opportunity.  

  • High job opportunity rates – While it isn't possible to employ everyone that takes a class, out of all executive protection schools that we know of MVP has one of the highest rates of providing job opportunities for our students.


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What You Learn in our Close Protection Class

With nearly 30 years of experience providing close protection and bodyguard services in Washington, D.C. and around the world, we would like to say that we know a thing or two about personal protection.


We teach our students the protective skills and security best practices used by the Secret Service, the U.S. State Department, the Israeli Shin-Bet, and other world authorities on Executive Protection..

A Peek at Our Executive Protection Training Curriculum

  • The theory of executive protection
  • The roles and responsibilities of an EP agent
  • Ethical conduct for agents
  • Security Advances – What they are and how to properly conduct them
  • Route planning
  • The fundamentals of risk and threat assessments
  • The basics of risk management
  • Protecting clients from paparazzi and fans
  • Departures and arrivals from locations
  • Embarking and disembarking vehicles
  • Evacuations and force of force scenarios
  • Communications
  • Working closely with clients, personal assistants and family members
  • One man security details
  • Working as a protection team
  • The fundamentals of surveillance and counter-surveillance
  • Firearm law and concealed carry considerations
  • Medical emergency response and more…..

All Classes Hosted by the Society for International Executive Protection

MVP has partnered with the Society for International Executive Protection better known as SIX to provide students with the ultimate Executive Protection training experience and exposure to potential job opportunities after each class.

Six is an association organized to develop tomorrow's protectors.
Visit - www.wearesix.org to learn more

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Arlington, Virginia 22209

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