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Evasive Driving Training

Learning evasive driving is important for becoming an executive chauffeur. It's not enough to just have a regular driver's license or be a police officer. VIP clients expect their chauffeurs to be highly skilled and professional. Good security professionals know this and invest in defensive driving classes like our Evasive Driver Training.

Our Evasive Driving training is based on the essential driving skills taught by the Secret Service and the U.S Department of State. The skills you will learn in this class will make you more valuable and marketable in the Executive Protection industry. You will also benefit from building relationships with experienced Executive Protection Agents who have been successful in the business for over 30 years.

The MVP School of Executive Driving is the only Evasive Driving School in the world owned by African Americans, and we teamed up with instructors from the BMW Performance Center to deliver one of the most comprehensive security driving classes in the world.

Take a Virtual Tour Behind the Driver's Seat?

If you're thinking about taking an Evasive Driving class, you might want to know what it's like. Check out this video of one of our classes on YouTube for a full experience.

Why Choose Us for Your Training?

MVP is the best executive transportation and protection company in the Washington, D.C. area. We have over thirty years of experience driving and protecting important people, including executives, politicians, and VIPs. Our drivers have been trained for almost thirty years, driving in Secret Service and State Department motorcades - protecting many United States Presidents, foreign leaders, and high-profile VIPs.

Our Evasive driving class is the only tactical security driver training that assesses student's driving skill prior to teaching them the skills of evasive driving. By doing so we better under how to teach them to get the best out of the driver's training class.

What Our Student Drivers Learn:

  1. Braking
  2. Cornering
  3. Proper Acceleration
  4. Vehicle Handling
  5. Motorcade
  6. Evacuation drills
  7. Ambush Avoidance
  8. Accident Avoidance
  9. Embarking and Disembarking vehicles and much more....

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You have nothing to lose, we breed great drivers for the Executive Protection and Executive Transportation Industries and its your turn to one of them.